Notre clinique d’acupuncture à Montréal

Why community acupuncture?

For years, we've dreamed of offering social acupuncture to members of our communities. This type of practice reduces the cost of treatments by over 200% compared with conventional acupuncture, which typically costs between $70 and $120 per treatment. The affordability of social acupuncture enables people to afford more frequent treatments, which is often necessary for chronic health problems. What's more, by treating several people at a time in an open-plan space, in comfortable chairs and using only the extremities of the limbs (forearms, legs, head), everyone can benefit from a sensation of deep relaxation that is enhanced by the group effect for the social beings that we are.

Un espace à aire ouverte : votre bulle dans un espace commun pour la guérison

La mission de notre clinique :

The Clinique d’acupuncture sociale d'Hochelaga aims to make Chinese medicine care as accessible as possible, through its fees (price scale), its physical environment (wheelchair accessible) and its focus on solidarity with marginalised communities (lgbtq, racialised, aboriginal people, sex workers, etc.).

Des thérapeutes qui ont à cœur les valeurs d’inclusion et d’accessibilité.

How does the sliding scale work?

The sliding scale is a solidarity based fee to support accessibility of services. That's why we've chosen this model at the clinic. Our scale is $20 to $50 per treatment for community acupuncture treatments. At the end of each treatment, clients decide how much they can afford to pay for their treatment based on factors such as income, insurances, investments, debt and frequency of treatment. In this way the quality of treatment is not affected by how much an individual can afford.

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Notre équipe d’acupunctrices, acupuncteurs et massothérapeutes :

Merci de nous avoir permis d’ouvrir notre clinique d’acupuncture à Montréal

Vidéo pour notre campagne de sociofinancement via La Ruche

Presentation video in which Felix and Maxime talk about the clinic project