Qi Gong

Traditional Chinese discipline based on the release of vital energy, combining fluid movements, breathing exercises and concentration of the mind.

Why you should do Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a self-cultivation practice that helps to maintain health through exercises and breathing. It is one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine, which is used as a personal hygiene tool. Qi Gong is simple to teach, and can be practiced individually to enhance the benefits of acupuncture and prevent health problems.

Our QiGOng class are on Thusday at 10am with Emily and Sunday at 11am with Leah

Nos enseignantes en Qi Gong :

Emily : Qi Gong Teacher

I am a resident of Hochelaga and have been a student of Qi Gong and Gong Fu for several years. I am currently studying Tui Na.

Je suis une résidente d’Hochelaga et j’étudie le Qi Gong et le Gongfu depuis plusieurs années. J’étudie actuellement le Tui Na.

Léah : Tuina Therapist & Qi Gong Teacher

My interest in Chinese medicine began a few years ago when I discovered Qi Gong and traditional martial arts. Today, I am in my last year as an acupuncture student, and I am continuing my Tuina training at the Gongfu Research Center in Montreal, having already been practicing on my own for several years. My Tuina practice, as taught by my teachers, aims at restoring the physiological coherence of each individual, on many levels. Although bodies are already equipped with tools to exist in well-being, daily life, stress and many other issues can lead to suffering, as varied as it may be. My role is to assist the body in restoring its full power, and to help it regain its autonomy. My practice is done in a benevolent and welcoming manner, without judgment.

Certified as an Assistant Instructor in Xing Yi Quan by the North American Tang Shou Tao (NATSTA), I also lead the Qi Gong sessions given at the Clinic and I integrate certain exercises into my treatments, in order to maintain the effects of the care on a daily basis.