Tuina & Massage Therapy

Tuina is a Chinese manual therapy that uses massage and manipulation techniques to treat tension, restrictions and structural problems of the body.

Our Tuina therapists are Laura, Léah and Dan. We also offer Shiatsu massage therapy with Alice-Oli. You can find out more about our therapists on this page. Insurance receipts are always available.

Rates :

  • Laura T. : Tuina, $90 full fee - $60 to $100 sliding scale
  • Léah : Private acupuncture and Tuina treatments, $70 to $100 sliding scale
  • Dan : $60 to $100 sliding scale
  • Alice-Oli: Shiatsu, 1h fee scale = $50 to $80
  • Emily: Tuina, 90$ plein tarif- 50-90$ échelle tarifaire

Laura Thompson : Tuina therapist and QiGong teacher

Léah Zebic : acupunctrice, thérapeute en Tuina et enseignante en Qi Gong

Dan G. Reid : Tuina therapist

Alice-Oli Guindon : Shiatsu therapist

Emily Brown : Tuina therapist

Please feel free to book an appointment by visiting our page Go-rendezvousin the Massotherapy category.

Photos par Marc-Olivier Lebrun