Our Clinic

Why community acupuncture?

We have been dreaming for years to offer community acupuncture to the members of our communities. This style of practice permits a drastic reduction of the cost of treatment by over 200%, compared to conventional acupuncture treatments that cost anywhere from 70-120$. By decreasing the financial barrier of accessing treatment, community acupuncture permits increased frequency of treatments, which is necessary to treat chronic health conditions. Also, by treating multiple people at once in a group setting, sitting in comfortable reclining chairs, utilizing only extremities (forearms, below the knees and heads), everyone can benefit from a sensation of profound relaxation that is attainable in groupes.

Un espace à aire ouverte : votre bulle dans un espace commun pour la guérison

Our Mission :

The mission of the Community Acupuncture Clinic of Hochelaga is to make traditional chinese medicine as accessible as possible, on the level of price (sliding scale), physically (wheelchair accessible), and through a solidarity orientation with marginalized communities (LGBTQ+, BIPOC, indigenous, sex workers, etc).

Des thérapeutes qui ont à cœur les valeurs d’inclusion et d’accessibilité.

Campagne de socio-financement La Ruche :

Vidéo de présentation dans laquelle Felix et Maxime vous parle du projet de la clinique

What's a sliding scale?

A sliding scale is a payment method that allows for more inclusions. This is why we have chosen this method of payment at the clinic. Our scale is between 20 and 50$. The minimum amount for the treatment is 20$ but it is up to you to decide if you want to pay more for your treatment. We want to make it clear that no matter how much you pay, we will take care of you in the same way.

Our Therapist

Felix : Acupuncturist

Ten years ago I received my first ever acupuncture treatment and it changed my life. I had been struggling with a chronic condition that every single doctor I consulted could only prescribe pain medication to diminish the discomfort. I felt concerned about ‘taking the batteries out of the fire alarm’ and was looking for help to address the cause of the condition. Acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, tuina, Qi Gong and MOST IMPORTANTLY chinese dietary medicine (FOOD) has revolutionised how I live, how it feels to be alive, how I interact with everyone and everything around me. I am profoundly in reverence for the incredible wealth of medicine and cosmology that has been diversified across a whole continent, meticulously recorded and passed down for 5000 years. Every day I am utterly humbled by the innate wisdom of all living creatures and our evolutionary orientation to self-heal, co-regulate, experience joy and share love. I am deeply honoured to do this work and look forward to sharing in this lifelong learning with you. 

Maxime : Acupuncturist

It was a desire to help my loved ones that first led me to study acupuncture. I discovered a world so much larger than what I expected. Acupuncture will always remain for me an art, in which intuition and knowledge meet.

Today, it is still the desire to help that pushes me to deepen my knowledge, to open a new book or to take a new training. It is also what motivated me to co-found the Clinique d'acupuncture Sociale Hochelaga. As money is often a barrier to accessing care, I felt it was necessary to find a way to reduce its impact.

I practice traditional acupuncture, inspired mainly by Dr. Tan and Master Tung, but I am always looking for new practices to satisfy my curiosity. I like to offer a treatment plan that leaves room for the patient to determine the therapeutic direction. My goal is to ensure that I address the patient's priorities and go at their pace. 

I am French speaking, but I am comfortable if you wish to communicate in English. I look forward to meeting you.

Ludivine : Acupuncturist

I practiced as a critical care nurse for over 10 years but felt that sometimes I was missing something to help people with chronic pain or other complex illnesses. That's how I discovered acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

I now hope to combine my knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine to accompany you as effectively as possible in your quest for wellness.

*A NOTER : Je serai absente du 19 avril au 29 mai 2023*

Kim : Acupuncturist

Passionate about science and health, I started my studies in microbiology and then redirected myself to acupuncture. When I started my studies, I was quickly captivated by Chinese medicine, especially for its holistic aspect (seeing the human being and his health as a whole). Each person is unique and requires care that is adapted to him or her. I love to treat all internal problems such as fatigue, anxiety, digestion, menstrual cycle problems, etc... I want to accompany my patients in their healing, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. I have a calm and gentle approach while respecting your limits.
Je désire accompagner mes patients dans leur guérison, dans un environnement sécuritaire et sans jugement. J’ai une approche en calme et en douceur dans le respect de vos limites.

Charlotte : Acupunctrice remplaçante

I am very happy to come and help my colleagues at the Hochelaga social clinic as needed. For me, acupuncture is intrinsically a social and committed medicine, at the service of all, without discrimination of any kind. My dream is to see acupuncture, Chinese medicine, QiGong and Taoist philosophy become an integral part of Quebec culture and society. Also, I am involved in several projects of solidarity clinics to make acupuncture accessible where it was not before. Freedom, mutual aid and solidarity are the fundamental values that I try to embody through my work.

Gregory : Acupuncturist

Has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine for over 20 years. He first became interested after his injuries from a motorcycle accident were healed by a practitioner of diē dá (fall strike) medicine in Taiwan in 2001. In 2002 Greg met his first teacher Ron “Doc” Rosen OMD. After apprenticing with doctor Rosen and participating in his Barefoot Doctor classes for three years he enrolled in the Acupuncture program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Victoria B.C. (I.C.T.C.M.). There he studied directly under Dr. Wally Mui D.TCM for the three year diploma in acupuncture program. After his graduation from ICTCM Greg still felt something missing from his formal education. He discovered that missing element in the teachings of Jeffery Yuen. Greg travelled to New York in 2011 where he established a Community Acupuncture practice in Catskill, NY and studied with Mr. Yuen on the weekends at his center in Chinatown, NYC. He studied Chinese Herbs, Advanced Acupuncture, Chinese Dietary Therapy and the use of Essential Oils from the perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine. Most importantly he learned that real Chinese Medicine is rooted in the Spirit.

Tsui Ailin (Evelyne Toui-Kan) : Acupunctrice et Mentor à la clinique

Provenant de la Clinique d’acupuncture chinoise de Longueuil, nous avons l’honneur d’accueillir Evelyne Toui-Kan (Tsui Ailin) parmis nous. 
The profound knowledge of the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine acquired in her country of origin has permitted Evelyne Toui-Kan (Tsui Ailin) to be simultaneously discipline and interpreter for Chinese Masters (Lee Tin Yuen, Leung Kok Yuan , Wang Zhan Xi) who taught in China, France and specifically in Quebec during the founding of the École Supérieure de Médecine Chinoise de Montréal, the only Chinese medicine school to received funding by the Quebec Government.
She was a member of the examination jury for the licensing of acupuncturists at the College of Quebec Doctors. She is also an author and co-author of many works on Chinese medicine that have been published in Quebec and Europe.
Clinician with extensive experience, Evelyne Toui-Kan (Tsui Ailin) is considered by many patients to be a flagship of Chinese medicine in Quebec.

Nai Ma : Acupuncteur

Besides my training in acupuncture, I also have a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science at Concordia University.
For pain and musculoskeletal issues, I practice Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan's distal meridians approach for immediate relief as the needles are inserted. For systemic issues, I work in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Ma pratique est empirique et méthodique. Mon rêve est d’un jour voir les médecines occidentale et orientale travailler ensemble au Canada, comme c’est le cas dans les hôpitaux chinois. Service offert en français, anglais et mandarin

Laura : Tuina Therapist & Qi Gong Teacher

Dans ma pratique, j’utilise le Jin Shou Tuina de Hsu Hongchi, une pratique transmise plus tard à Vince Black qui y a intégré l’utilisation de la thérapie craniosacrale afin d’aider le système nerveux à retrouver des schémas plus harmonieux. J’ai complété ma certification de Tuina en 2021 au Centre de recherche Gongfu de Montréal à Rosemont et je suis membre de l’association québécoise des thérapeutes naturels. Ma pratique m’a permis de réduire et de traiter des douleurs aiguës et chroniques associées à des problèmes tels que les maux de dos, les tendinites, la fibromyalgie et l’anxiété. Je cherche à offrir un environnement favorable où les gens peuvent se sentir à l’aise de s’exprimer et à leur permettre de trouver des moments de repos, de confort et de présence dans leur corps.

Léah : Tuina Therapist & Qi Gong Teacher

My interest in Chinese medicine began a few years ago when I discovered Qi Gong and traditional martial arts. Today, I am in my last year as an acupuncture student, and I am continuing my Tuina training at the Gongfu Research Center in Montreal, having already been practicing on my own for several years. My Tuina practice, as taught by my teachers, aims at restoring the physiological coherence of each individual, on many levels. Although bodies are already equipped with tools to exist in well-being, daily life, stress and many other issues can lead to suffering, as varied as it may be. My role is to assist the body in restoring its full power, and to help it regain its autonomy. My practice is done in a benevolent and welcoming manner, without judgment.

Certified as an Assistant Instructor in Xing Yi Quan by the North American Tang Shou Tao (NATSTA), I also lead the Qi Gong sessions given at the Clinic and I integrate certain exercises into my treatments, in order to maintain the effects of the care on a daily basis.

Gabrielle : Swedish Massage Therapist

I am in the early stages of my professional practice following my training in Swedish massage therapy. It is an accessible technique that stimulates the natural recovery and healing processes of the body and its tissues. More specifically, it can relieve and treat chronic or injury-related muscle and joint pain, as well as nervous fatigue and anxiety, but also a myriad of other specific situations. I am particularly interested in the benefits of massage for the aging population and the treatment of symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

I believe that bodies are intelligent, and that massage opens a pathway to wellness and healing for them that they remember afterwards. I like to lead the people I massage into a state of deep relaxation, releasing their nagging tension points and helping to alleviate and address their physical and mental health issues. I aim to adapt to the needs and desires of each individual, while enjoying the massage.

Rowan : Massage Therapist

I have been working as a massage therapist for over seven years and have had the joy of treating so many different people, each with their own unique bodies, conditions and concerns. In my practice, I prioritize deep(er) tissue work, assisted stretching, cupping therapy, fascial release and scar work. I specialize in trans body work and post-operative (external) rehabilitative care. Insurance receipts provided. All are welcome!cupping), la détente des fascias et le traitement des cicatrices. Je me spécialise dans le soin des personnes trans et les soins de réadaptation postopératoires. Je remets des reçus d’assurance. Tout le monde est bienvenu !

Alice / Oli Shiatsu Massage Therapist

My desire to practice shiatsu came from a great interest in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine. I am fascinated by the accuracy of this bodily approach as well as by the space of encounter to oneself that it offers. I therefore trained at the Guijek Institute in 2018 and I continue to deepen my knowledge about this millennial art.

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic approach according to which all discomfort stems from an energy imbalance. During sessions, mobilizations, stretching and pressure are used to promote a return to harmony. Treatments take place on the floor, on a futon, dressed.

It is important to me to provide a space where boundaries, both physical and emotional, are heard and respected.

I can provide insurance receipts

Looking forward to meeting you.

Emily : Qi Gong Teacher

I am a resident of Hochelaga and have been a student of Qi Gong and Gong Fu for several years. I am currently studying Tui Na.

Je suis une résidente d’Hochelaga et j’étudie le Qi Gong et le Gongfu depuis plusieurs années. J’étudie actuellement le Tui Na.

Les portraits ont été photographiés par Marcolivier Lebrun